Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Be the MVP of Your Game Day Party with Kristin Cavallari’s Spinach Artichoke Dip

It’s easy to indulge on NFL game day; we’ve all been there. The beer, the dip, the nachos! Kristin Cavallari is an NFL wife who knows the game day excitement all too well. When she isn’t watching her hubby from the stands at Soldier Field, she is often the one playing host to her family and friends. While everyone loves a tailgate-themed menu, Kristin says she is always careful to serve up healthier versions of each party item. She shared with us one of her fan favorites, her Spinach Artichoke Dip that calls for coconut milk and skips the cheese. 

If you host often, Kristin has you covered on all the recipes to keep your guests coming back for more. Along with the food department, Hoover has your back when it comes to the other most important part of hosting: the cleaning and setup. The Hoover Cordless Line is the key to preparing your house for the party. It’s the perfect solution to the full-house cleanup before guests arrive and for the quick pick-ups throughout the party. By cutting the cord, the Hoover Cordless Family has cut the hassle of plugging and unplugging a vacuum from room to room or having to pull out a large vacuum for one simple spill.

“For me, time is at a minimum with so much going on,” Cavallari explains. “The Cordless line allows me to get through my quick blitz before guests arrive and get on with making my tasty yet healthy game day snacks!”

The Hoover Cordless Family has a vacuum for every surface of your home, including furniture, stairs, hardwood, tile and carpet. And the best part about it? The same battery works with all four products in the family. It’s all the power you would expect from a Hoover without the hassle of a power cord. Along with meal prep, Cavallari is also sure to have resources on hand to manage the spills and messes that are bound to happen with two little boys and a houseful of guests. Stocking wipes for her countertops and keeping her Hoover Cordless Vacuum within reach are among the ways she keeps things stress-free. All that’s left is to pull off a win. The family of Hoover® Cordless vacuums helps Kristin stay in front of every mess and focus on what’s really important - family, work, and the football!

Try this Healthy Spinach Artichoke Dip this weekend, and let us know what your guests have to say! Keep your Hoover Cordless Vacuum close so you can tackle game day like a pro!
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